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People of Palmer: Meet Jill

People of Palmer : Meet Ross

It's time for the second installment of the People of Palmer video series!

The Leader of the Pack

As our Director of Sales and Marketing, Jill wears many hats! Our busy leader works with Business Development and Customer Service, as well as all of the Palmer Fixture Rep Groups. She also works with Palmer Fixture's Graphic Designer on Marketing initiatives and tradeshow development.

Even though Jill is relatively new to the Palmer Fixture team, she brought with her many years of Sales and Marketing knowledge. With that knowledge and experience, she has provided a great platform for positive change within the Marketing, Business Development and Customer Service areas of Palmer Fixture.

Have You Met Jill?

A driven, confident individual, Jill is a born leader. She brings humor, fun and structure (yes it's possible to have all of those things!) to Palmer Fixture.

She claims not to have any hidden talents – but you'll have to watch the video and decide that for yourself!

On to the main event...

Meet Jill