Blog: Earth Day, Everyday

Earth Day, Everyday

Earth Day, Everyday

What is Earth Day, exactly?

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

Dedicating one day a year to protecting Mother Earth is fantastic; but why only take one day, when there are things you can do all year?

5 Things You Can Do Year Round:

1. Walk or Carpool to destinations

If you and your friends or coworkers are headed to the same place, pile in one car and make it a road trip! Want to take it a step further? If it's available, opt for public transportation.

2. Recycle your old electronics

If you're like most modern Americans, you probably have a pile of old cell phones, an outdated laptop, a broken tablet, or an old TV just taking up valuable real estate in your home.

So why not recycle those electronics? There are many free recycling options available. is a good place to start when searching for electronic recycling options near you.

3. Watch your water usage

This is an easy one! Make sure you don't take 45 minute showers. Check your faucets regularly to assure you don't have any leaks. Use Energy-Efficient dishwashers and washing machines.

4. Reuse

Plastic shopping bags have a plethora of uses aside from the obvious hauling of food.

  • Use it as a trash bag in your small garbage cans
  • Outdoor pet clean-up
  • Cushion when packing fragile items (as opposed to newspaper)

Other things that offer many uses are cardboard food boxes (great craft supply for small kids!), and glass jars (great for storage and art projects!).

5. Shopping Bags

Rather than relying on the store to provide you with a plastic shopping bag that is just going to end up in the trash – consider using reusable bags! There are so many options available on the market. They're not only eco-friendly, but they're friendly on your wallet as well; with some options costing less than $2 a piece!

Palmer Fixture offers several Eco-Friendly Options!

Check out our selection of Hand Dryers; Hand Dryers offer up to a 95% cost savings vs. paper towel usage.

We offer several Towel Dispenser options (like the Electra TD0245) that feature paper saving options; like automatic transfer systems to eliminate stub roll waste, and a patented paper-savings mode on our Electra!

Now, get out there and make it Earth Day, EVERYDAY!