Palmer Fixture FAQ

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What is the battery life of the 235 and 245?
Approximately 100 dispenses per day for 2 years, or approximately 75,000 dispenses.

Do the 235 and 245 come with batteries?
They do not. Batteries add significant weight, as well as cost and handling. We can work with you to include batteries if your particular application requires this.

Can you put our logo on your product?
Yes, we can customize nearly all of our products with your logo. In appropriate minimum quantity, with applicable costs and adjustment in leadtime. See the Pad Printing page for more details!

Are your products ADA-compliant?
Some are, some are not; depending on how they are mounted and installed. Inquire about a specific dispenser for more details.

What colors do you have available?

Below are the color choices Palmer Fixture offers. Availability varies depending on product.
Swatch Color Name Swatch Color Name
01 Dark Translucent 01 Dark Translucent 02 Black Translucent 02 Black Translucent
03 White Translucent 03 White Translucent 08 Platinum 08 Platinum
09 Brushed Stainless 09 Brushed Stainless 11 Brushed Chrome 11 Brushed Chrome
12 Bright Chrome 12 Bright Chrome 13 Brushed Steel 13 Brushed Steel
15 Blue 15 Blue 16 Black 16 Black
17 White 17 White 18 Green 18 Green
19 Yellow 19 Yellow 21 Grey 21 Grey
22red 22 Red

How much is shipping?
Shipping costs can vary depending on the actual product. Palmer Fixture offers prepaid freight for orders at $1,250 for qualified customers. Please Contact Us for more details or shipping quotes.

Where is your shipping facility?
Our product ships from Clintonville, WI.

How do I get sell sheets and catalogs?
You can access all current sell sheets and catalogs, as well as product images, by accessing our online WebKit. You can also download individual product images by visiting the product page of the particular product you are looking for. If there is something you need, but can not locate, please Contact Us.

What is the broken case fee? When does it apply?
A broken case fee is applied when you order a quantity less than the 'case pack' quantity.

How do I get pricing?
Pricing is only available to approved distributors. Please contact our business development team for pricing information.

I'm having problems with my dispenser or hand dryer, what should I do?
First, check out our Troubleshooting page. If your problem is not addressed there, please call us at 1.800.558.8678