Palmer Fixture Troubleshooting

Here you will find a basic collection of our most common product issues.

If you are having a problem with a Palmer Fixture product and do not see it mentioned here, please call us at 1.800 558.8678.

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Why doesn't my HD0903 Hand Dryer turn on?

The mostly likely cause is that the time needs to be replaced. Please contact customer service for assistance.

Can I run a BluStorm on a 208volt circuit?

Yes, the BluStorm HD0950 will operate on a 208 volt circuit. These units should be installed by a qualified electrician to ensure proper operation.

The blue light on my BluStorm isn't working and there's no airflow, why?

Your BluStorm must be returned for repair (in warranty), or replaced.

My BluStorm is overheating, what can I do?

The bottom vent on the BluStorm must be kept clean at all times to allow for proper airflow. Check the bottom vent, and assure that it's clean. Once vent is cleaned, if your BluStorm is still overheating, please contact Customer Service.

The blue light on my BluStorm isn't working.

Check your power source. If the power source appears to be functioning properly, your unit may need a new timer. Contact Customer Service for replacement components.

My EcoStorm Hand Dryer will not turn on.

If your unit does not run, and your power source is hooked up correctly, your EcoStorm likely needs a new timer. Contact Customer Service for replacement components.

My InSpire TD0235/Electra TD0245 cycles by itself.

If your unit is within the 1 year warranty window, contact Customer Service to arrange for a replacement unit. If you are outside the warranty, check that you are using the proper batteries. Batteries MUST be Alkaline LR-20, this is the only type of battery that will allow the unit to function as intended.

Check inside the unit to see if there is a large amount of paper dust. An overabundance of paper dust may cause the unit to cycle by itself. Be sure to keep the unit clean.

My InSpire TD0235/Electra TD0245 will not dispense paper.

Check the bottom of your dispenser for dirt and oil grime build up. If it is dirty, clean it off. The dispenser does not need to be touched to dispense the paper, only the wave of a hand is needed.

Ensure that your dispenser is not installed to close to the countertop. Being too close to the counter can interfere with paper dispensing.

Can I use any AC/DC Adaptor for the InSpire TD0235 or Electra TD0245?

No. You should only use the recommend adaptor – part # SP024599-00.

Will my paper work with Palmer Fixture paper dispensers?

Palmer paper towel dispensers hold most Universal towel rolls up to 8" wide and 8" diameter. Paper towel must have adequate wet strength to work properly with Palmer dispensers. If you're not sure that your paper will work, Palmer Fixture will run a "Qualifying" test on a roll provided to us. Please contact Customer Service to discuss paper testing.

Why is my electronic paper towel dispenser dispensing paper by itself?

Stray voltage, high voltage wiring, or electronic components within or behind the wall that the dispenser is mounted to may interfere with the on board sensor. This may cause self-dispensing.

A sudden change in the atmosphere, such as an increase or decrease in temperature, as well as high humidity in combination with paper dust, may have an adverse reaction, causing the component to self dispense.

My electronic soap dispenser doesn't seem to be working properly.

Open the dispenser cover and ensure that the inside is clean. Soap can be corrosive, so the dispenser should be wiped down periodically, inside and out.

Why is my foam soap dispenser dripping?

The dispenser may not truly be dripping. Foam soap dispensers may leave dissolved drops of foam soap on the countertop. This is usually not an issue. If the dispenser has a steady, obvious drip, please contact Customer Service.

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