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Palmer Fixture, for over 100 years, has been committed to providing the most competitive value-added dispensing systems available. Palmer Fixture offers a variety of items from the traditional metal crank dispensers to our innovative automatic touchless dispensers and hand dryers. We are constantly expanding our product lines as we continue looking for more ways to satisfy our customers. Most of our products are made in the USA and are subject to strict quality control processes. Through extensive research and development, Palmer Fixture Company has maintained a world wide reputation for product excellence since 1907.

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Phone: 920-884-8698
Toll Free: 800-558-8678

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800-558-8678 Palmer Fixture Company, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Adding a Pad Printed Logo to your Palmer Fixture dispenser is easy, affordable, and a great eye-catcher! It is a wonderful way to promote your company or your customer. Your logo will surely stand out when printed in our metallic silver ink. Logos are printed in the bottom center of the dispenser cover. Your logo can be up to 2.5″ wide by 1.5″ tall.

We offer several printable dispensers. Not only are they universal for most towel, tissue and soap – they also have double latch locks with an industry standard metal key. Our made in the U.S.A. family of dispensers provide a consistent, first-class quality offering to you and your customers!

Add your logo today for a one of a kind look!

Look for the logo icon icon on the product pages to indicate which dispensers are available for customization.

How to get your logo on Palmer Dispensers

Contact Us or call 800.558.8678 for more information.

Palmer Fixture Pad Printing

Pad Printing Q & A

What is Pad Printing?

Pad Printing is an ink stamping process that allows Palmer Fixture to put your one color logo onto our dispensers.

How big will my logo be?

The maximum logo area is 2.5″ wide x 1.5″ high. We will size your logo to fill that area as much as possible without distortion.

Where does my logo go?

The standard placement is on the bottom center of the dispenser cover. In some unique cases, the logo may be printed above a display window. Digital mock-ups of your logo’s placement are available upon request.

What color will my logo be?

The standard color is Silver.
Other colors may be available in stock or by special order. Some colors may be subject to an additional charge.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is 24 units per SKU with stock colors, or 36 units per SKU with special order colors.

How long will Pad Printing Take?

3 business days for in stock items. Add two weeks to your lead time if it is a pallet or more.

Palmer Fixture Heat Transfer

Multi-Color Logo Printing is Now Available!

  • Larger 3″ x 3″ Logo Area.
  • NO LIMIT on colors!
  • Intended for larger quantity or repeat orders.

Contact Us or call us at 800.558.8678 for a customized quote!

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